Exterior Performance Consulting 

for total building envelope performance


Performance Delivered.

Often overlooked, the building envelope is critical to a healthy life for the building as well as its occupants.  The building enclosure as a whole is comprised of many systems that should be specified for the desired finishes.  The use of proper systems and their components will provide building longevity and efficiency that exceeds expectation.

What we do:

Specializing in Building Science, we focus in depth on whats beneath the surface.  True protection against the elements occurs under the exterior cladding. Our expertise lies in the functionality of the systems that are intended to protect the structure.  We focus on the details of these assemblies to meet the buildings air, water, vapor, and thermal performance in its given environment.  


We can assist in the design of your buildings exterior assemblies including barriers, claddings, roofing and waterproofing systems.


We will work with the development team through construction to ensure proper implementation of the exterior systems. 


We offer condition assessment services for existing properties to determine the appropriate repairs necessary to resolve ongoing issues.


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